Mark Miller for TX Railroad Commission

Morris Covington
about 5 years agoMay 11, 2016
Wow! I'll vote for him!
Erik Ellison
about 5 years agoMay 24, 2016
FYI There is a hiss in the background of the narration audio.
Gary Thorpe
about 5 years agoMay 24, 2016
Great Video, however, it might benefit by a strategically placed spitting of tobacco juice.  This could be done by a stunt-double while Mark is walking away.
Kate Thomas
about 5 years agoMay 24, 2016
Mark sounds great.
Arthur Thomas
about 5 years agoMay 24, 2016
Great campaign video! Does more in 2 minutes to help people understand the agency then the old parties have done in decades.
Miguel Salazar
about 5 years agoMay 24, 2016
Great video, but as was mentioned earlier there's some background noise in the voice over track. Should be easy enough to clean with a program like Audacity
about 5 years agoMay 24, 2016
I hope you win!
Michael Jones
about 5 years agoMay 25, 2016
Great video. Hope it gets lots of play.
Alan Jenkin
about 5 years agoJune 12, 2016
I didn't hear any background noise - maybe it's cleaned up now.  You have my vote, Mark!
CJ Hames
almost 5 years agoJune 13, 2016
I appreciated the tone of the video.  He called out the process and politicians in general - and explained the agency's problems - without having to bad mouth a particular individual.  Shows me he is more focused on the job at hand and fixing things rather than puffing himself up.
Curry B Taylor
almost 5 years agoAugust 12, 2016
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